This is part 2 of my blog series on voting behaviour in Liverpool. In this post I’ll be looking at how Liverpool might vote in general elections compared to how it currently votes.

My post on Liverpool’s local elections under different voting systems (available here) showed that the first past the post electoral system gives Labour an artificial majority on the city council — this shouldn’t be surprising to anyone with more than a passing knowledge of how voting systems work.

Under pretty much any other voting system the Greens and the Liberal Democrats would improve their seat share and…

A little experiment to explore the Red Liverpool narrative

Liverpool has long been a Labour city. Since 1997 it has returned only Labour MPs, and since 1983 just one of the city’s MPs was from a different party (David Alton, in Mossley Hill, for the Liberals/Liberal Democrats). Political pluralism isn’t much better on the local level: 72 of the city’s 90 councillors are Labour (down from a high of 80 in 2016).

It wasn’t always like this. The Conservatives used to run the city (there’s a political historian out there who’s written about this kind of stuff. …

This information is correct as of just after the start of the second ballot — 15:45, 18/06/2018. The data (and hence the graphs) may be updated as more information becomes available, but the text will not.

If you’re interested in reading an academic journal article I’ve written about the 2016 Conservative leadership election, click here!

My blog on the first round of the contest can be found here.

The first round of the Conservative Party leadership election saw seven candidates make it through to the next round: Boris Johnson (114 votes), Jeremy Hunt (43 votes), Michael Gove (37 votes), Dominic…

This information in this is correct as of 17:00, 13/06/2018. As the first round has already taken place, this blog post won’t be updated — although the figures might be, so if the text doesn’t fully match the graph, that’s why!

If you’re interested in reading an academic journal article I’ve written about the 2016 Conservative leadership election, click here!

The contest to be the next leader of the Conservative Party — and hence the next prime minister — has begun.

10 candidates managed to clear the first hurdle of submitting nomination forms with the backing of 8 MPs. They…

The Conservative Party is in a state of crisis. The HMS Britain is heading towards the iceberg of Brexit and instead of deciding on a route past the danger the crew seem more concerned with choosing a new captain.

The failed December 2018 leadership challenge against Theresa May secured her position within the party from a formal challenge for another year. Still, rumours abound that she will resign should the Withdrawal Agreement fail to pass… again.

There has been a lot of interest in who the next leader of the party will be. Most polling on the issue asks a…

Dr David Jeffery

Lecturer in British Politics @LivUniPol. I research voting behaviour, populism, and local government. Hobbies include triathlon, parkrun, and acting.

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